RedGiver was birthed from a call to serve women and their families; to be an outward reminder to women that they are covered by the blood of Christ, that Christ loves them and that they have the ability to live a BOLD life that is full of giving and receiving LOVE.


RedGiver is service-focused where we not only serve, but uplift and uncontitionally love on women and their families. 

Our Birth...

To actively demonstrate the Gospel of Christ by loving on our sisters through meeting critical needs, providing classes to women to learn various skills useful for inside and outside of the home, providing household necessities to women in need and their families; and to help women tell their love stories to share with the next woman.

Red is a vibrant, bold color. Red universally represents love. Red always stands out. 


When we put on our red, we remember that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, that our uniqueness is not by chance, but by design; that we are loved beyond measure by God no matter what challenges we may face. When we connect to help our sisters in need, we show up and show out in RED!

Our Mission...

Why Red?
  1. Sign-up to receive weekly Tea Talks. Any outreach initiative and volunteer need will be listed at the bottom.

  2. Check the RedGiver Calendar to view upcoming outreach initiatives to donate supplies or volunteer.

  3. You can make a monetary donation through the PayPal link. 100% of donations will be used to help women in need.


We are always looking for women who have a heart to serve their sisters and share the love of Christ, boldly!


If you are licensed and/or specialize in any of the following areas and are willing to donate your services to women in need, please e-mail CONNECT@TIMEWITHMYSISTERS .COM (there is an intentional space to prevent spam)


  1. Business Coaching

  2. Chef

  3. Cosmetology

  4. CPA

  5. Family Counseling

We are grateful for your gift of any amount. Thank you!

Join the tea party as we chat about, savor and warm our souls with the Word of God...