They Sayers

June 16, 2015


Do you or have you ever had "they sayers" in your life? You know, those persons who tell you what you can't do and what you can't have? Well, what "THEY" SAY will NEVER TRUMP what GOD SAYS. If God made you a promise, He will see to it that it comes to pass in your life.


My husband and I were in the process of purchasing our promise home. Throughout the process, we experienced several challenging moments, however, saw the hand of God and His provision along the way.


We were told that construction on our home wouldn't be complete until late February/early March. During one of our inspections in early February, we were provided an updated timeframe of late March/mid-April for the completion of our home, so this is what we based our financial planning around for closing.


Well, it turns out, that we were then informed that our closing date would be scheduled for early March instead of late March/mid-April. We were in total shock, as we had a plan in place to get certain items paid off and to save the required amount for closing by the timeframe provided. There was no way we'd be able to save the required amount by the new closing date.


We made a call to the sales agent to see if our closing date can be adjusted and the agent very quickly (almost before we could even finish asking) said "no, "they" never change the closing date unless construction isn't complete". To be quite honest, this process had already taken its toll on us; but we remembered that "you have not because you ask not... (James 4:2).

So, we went higher up with our same request to change the closing date. Again, "they" said "no". Though frustrated at this point, we felt strongly that we should send another request to the same person. I believe that God wanted us to persevere in that moment and stirred up something within us to try again. This time, as easily as "they" told us "no", "they" came back and simply provided a new closing date. I just knew that we would be in for a fight; BUT GOD! He not only turned this situation around, but He gave us the strength we needed to keep going.


BUT WAIT! It doesn't end there -- We don't serve a God who blesses us with just enough to get us by, rather, a God who blesses us in overflow!!!  Our closing date was pushed back even further, twice, due to weather and the late arrival of certain equipment. This was great news for us -- giving us even more time to save and take care of items on our to-do list without having to rush prior to closing.


So, jumping ahead to closing -- my husband and I are sitting at the table and "they" said that the funds that we were told we needed to close (that we confirmed just that morning) weren't enough. Just imagine how we felt. My husband and I couldn't take anymore -- We were just minutes away from getting a key to our promise and we were hit with a major setback. Now for those who own or are familiar with the process, you know that you can't just borrow money on the spot.  The loan officer and the closing agent took this matter up amongst themselves as we waited, finding a mistake in the math on our settlement form. The lesson for us here was to remember that the battle is not ours but the Lords, He will fight on your behalf, just trust Him. 


The point of this story is that God made us a promise. He didn't say that we wouldn't encounter challenges along the way; but did reinforce for us that He is a promise keeper. Throughout the process people kept telling us what we aren't able to do; however, God stepped in and showed us that ultimately what He says goes! God has the final say! 


My husband and I pray that this quick testament of God's favor and provision will encourage you to not give up when faced with "they sayers"; but to give it to God and trust Him. He is a promise keeper! We further encourage you to be patient and to wait on God, His timing is perfect!

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