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I enjoy a good cup of tea when I wake-up, as I study and before bed. Not only is tea absolutely delicious and aromatic; it's also healthy for you and warms the soul.

Be a part of Tea Share, where I'll be reviewing and sharing teas from various brands, monthly. If you see a tea you like, grab it; and also grab one for a sister! Shhhh, don't tell her... just send it with a sisterly note and an encouraging scripture! 

The purpose of Tea Share is to have fun exploring teas that you can sip on as you study God's Word and that you can bless another sister with in an unexpected care package.  This is a package that you take TIME to thoughtfully curate. It’s a way to say, “I’m thinking about you”. Whether you have your package delivered to your sister’s doorstep or placed on her desk, let it be a surprise!

Think about adding a mug, swizzle sugar cane sticks, honey sticks, a decorative spoon or anything else that comes to mind that will make your care package extra special.

Once your teas and other goodies are packaged, #timeteashare on social media so other sisters can be inspired by your thoughtfulness! There is no limit to how many sisters you choose to bless!


ORGANIC INDIA - Organic Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

October 28, 2019

It's caffeine-free! :)

This tea blend is a combination of organic ingredients that intrigue the senses and calms the body. In this blend you'll find rose petals, lemon myrtle, chamomile, holy basil and stevia leaves -- all dusted in organic Egyptian rose flavoring. Once you open this packet of tea, you'll love it. The pure and perfectly intense aroma of rose fills the room. You know you're in for a treat. With most teas I've experienced, once the tea bag steeps, it looses it's aroma -- not with this blend, however! The flavor profile is perfectly balanced -- no bitterness or pungent notes. The flavor of the rose stands out gently and is a welcomed taste. This blend offers many benefits such as uplifting your mood, soothing and relaxing the body and aiding in digestion. I've been drinking this blend for two weeks now and must say that I really enjoy it after my meals. This blend is definitely a keeper and one of my absolute favs! Oh, and one bag goes a long way! With most teas, I'll use two bags in 8-12 ounces of water. With this blend, I was able to use one bag and then refill my cup using the same bag. I purchased this brand from Wegman's for $6.99. 18 bags of tea come in the box.


If you like it, grab it and don't forget to share it with a sister for Tea Share!

TAZO - Organic Peachy Green Tea

January 12, 2018

This delicious blend has been a part of my daily routine for about two weeks now. This tea has a well-blended selection of flavors to provide an even, smooth taste, without bitterness. In fact, as I move away from using sweeteners in my teas, this blend tastes great on its own. The caffeine level in this tea is low enough for this to be a great night time tea. I highly recommend this brand and flavor. You'll appreciate the organic nature of this blend and the overall construction of flavors. If you like it, grab it and don't forget to share it with a sister!

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